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Specializing in DJI consumer and professional grade drones.... but also some kits available for Autel - GoPro - 3DR - Yuneec - Connex - RaceTracker. We strive to be the most user friendly range extender manufacturer - period

Range Extender Full Kits

Innovators in Long Range Consumer Grade FPV.... DBS MODs was the first to offer all inclusive , durable , easy to install kits at a low price with quality and function the number one priorities.

Why Us?

Because we put every effort into making sure the end user gets the best equipment possible to protect their investment... when your (multi) thousand dollar investment is in the air, make sure you stay connected and in control of your money.

AirBoat chase

Phantom 4 Pro Flying on 5.8gHz with ShockWave Duo ... 3 miles away at 60ft altitude is a BLAST!!